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Here at Total Framing, we have a hand in everything we do. That’s the beauty of a small family owned and operated business. We hand pick everything from our custom products to our retail readymade items, so that you will get top quality products for your price.

In fact it takes two hands because we build it all from start to finish. That way we can insure not only a beautifully framed product but something you will be proud and excited to hang in your home.

Custom Design…

Whether you are framing your grandmother’s doily or a painting you brought back from Italy, we have the custom frame for you.

With over 1,100 mouldings and 800 mats colors and styles, you can’t go wrong. Our line of finished corner frames can really make a statement and with details like fillets and specialty cut mats, your piece can truly be one of a kind.

Table Tops & Wall Frames…

           Our table top frame selection meets everyone’s needs. With a wide range of sizes and styles, your sure to leave with something. Besides your more traditional styles, we carry a good array of themed frames as well, which make great gifts.

We also have a large stock of wall frames. Wall frames are  larger size frames that already contain glass and backing. Poster frames, float frames and other specialty frames are also available for purchase.

Open Woods…

Total Framing’s open wood collection gives you a wide variety of frames to choose from and are great for paintings on canvas and canvas board.

If you need a frame on the go, open woods are a great solution for a custom look in a hurry. We can even cut you glass and backing to fit in your frames and we even offer a large selection of framing hardware for you to choose from.

Ready Made Mats…

         Our ready made mat selection is cut in out warehouse so we are never out of stock. With our mats, you have the option of going single or stacking for a double mat. All of our ready made mats are of acid free quality and range from 5x7 to 16x20 frame size.

The Extras…

           We do carry more than just frames. Total framing is a licensed dealer for  P. Buckley Moss. We also have a selection of oil paintings and prints, plus we can order any print you would like out of one of the many catalogs we have on hand.

           Decorative easels for paintings and frames are available as well as standard size easel backs. Extra hanging and framing hardware is also available for purchase.

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